The Ranger School Prep Program

A 12-Week Physical Training Guide

Do you have the right training program to physically prepare for the US Army Ranger School? Maybe you are in need of a structured routine to enter the military in the best shape of your life...

This ultimate guide contains 12-weeks of training routines in order to best prepare you for the physically challenging demands of the military and specifically the US Army Ranger School.

Build & Tested By Ranger School Graduates

You MUST be physically prepared for this challenging course. Fail to plan - plan to fail.

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What This Program Has to Offer

The Ranger School Prep Program contains everything you could want to physically prepare you for this course or any other military training.


Inside this e-book download (provided immediately after purchase) is 84 days of training plans. Each day for the next 12 weeks is outlined with exactly what you need to do in order to be prepared for military training and Ranger School specifically! It is a 6-day per week routine that focuses on strength, bodyweight exercises, ruck march improvement and better run times using longer distance and VO2 max workouts.


Each week is broken down by the following routine:

DAY 1: Push Day (Chest, Shoulder, Triceps)

DAY 2: Ruck March + Core Training

DAY 3: Pull Day (Back, Traps)

DAY 4: Rest Day + Mobility

DAY 5: Run (Longer Distance) + Bodyweight Training

DAY 6: Lower Body Training

DAY 7: Interval Training + Core Training


When you arrive at any military school, course or unit you are immediately evaluated. The easiest way to asesss a Soldier is by their phsyical performance. After these 12 weeks you will be at the top of your class and ready to out perform the events! Whether you are getting ready for basic training, Ranger School or trying to improve your PT score - this is for you!

“I wish I would have had a training plan like this while I was preparing for Ranger School. The program promotes performance improvements and recovery simultaneously”

Army Officer - Ranger School Graduate

Behind The Program

“My name is Nick Bare. I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition. After graduating and commissioning in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer I earned the opportunity to go to Ranger School. I left for this course in the best shape of my life using principles I learned throughout college, non-linear programming and practices I tested myself. I developed this program to share what I have learned over the years and to best prepare you for the military and Ranger School."

— Nick Bare

Guide to getting in the best physical shape in Just 12 Weeks...

What makes this program different from others? While building this program we took a non-linear approach. This means the 12 weeks are broken down in to 3 separate 4 week training blocks. Each block builds off the previous one to ensure physical improvments and sustained recovery.

This ultimate guide will provide you a day-to-day workout routine. You have to put in the work! We will lay out the training stucture but it is up to you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Build & Tested By Ranger School Graduates  

You MUST be physically prepared for this challenging course. Fail to plan - plan to fail.

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